Our mission is to make video as useful and searchable as any electronic document.

The idea for our business arose out of a founder’s frustration trying to upload and share digital videos.

We recognize the growing challenge people face dealing with the massive growth in video usage and volume. To address this, we are offering flexible, intuitive solutions – providing both Creators and Viewers with greater choice and control over how video is utilized and experienced.

Our technology provides organizations with additional capabilities for searching, utilizing and presenting content to increase their ability to leverage the value and usefulness of video.

Our primary customers include organizations creating and presenting:

  • Online education and instruction videos
  • News, entertainment and event videos
  • Business, professional development and self-help coaching/consulting/training videos
  • Personal and professional blogs, podcasts and webinars
  • Archived live-streamed event videos
  • Engineering and inspection videos
  • Product feature and technical support videos

Together our team has over 60 years of Business & Technology development experience

Meet Our Team

Paul Farmer
President & Co-Founder
In addition to being an Certified Management Accountant, Paul recently graduated with a Master's degree in Technology, Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Saint Mary's University. Paul's vision and passion for developing a better way to share and present video provided the seed for the company.
Suman Pettem
Vice President & Co-Founder
A passionate entrepreneur, with over 6 years of experience as an IT consultant for diverse domain Multi-National companies in USA. Suman has Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering, and Technology, Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
Paul Morash
Systems Architect
Paul has over 30 years of experience as a systems and application software designer, architect, and programmer. Over this period, he has continued to shift with the tides of technology, moving between computer architectures and business domains searching for that special balance of practical problems with challenging designs.
Scott Johnson
Enterprise Architect
Scott has over 20 years of experience in developing and bringing new software products to the market.