Activation Success

Activation successful – Welcome to VidSnippets Web!

Your account is now active and a confirmation email is on its way. This email contains your Log In & User identification information and details a couple of steps that need to be performed to embed Presentation Objects on your website. You can follow the instructions provided in the email or alternatively use the instructions provided below.

 Completing account Setup:

Now that your account is activated, you need to complete the Mandatory Setup to start publishing interactive VSpackages on your website.

 Mandatory Setup:
– A DNS CNAME record must be created to point from your domain to our service.
The newly added CNAME record should look similar to what is shown below: to

(If necessary, please contact your website administrator or your domain hosting company for assistance in creating the new DNS record.)

 After finishing the setup process, you can login to VidSnippets Web by clicking the button below. We recommend you read the Tips & Recommendations listed further down the page.

Tips & Recommendations

To help you get going we have listed few tips & recommendations. If interested, you can watch the product walk-through video here.

  • VidSnippets Web is compatible with most WordPress or HTML based websites (e.g. Static, PHP, .NET, Ruby).

  • When logging on to VidSnippets Web, you will have 10 attempts to input the correct user name and password. If you exceed 10 attempts you will receive a notice indicating that you have to wait for a period of time before you can retry. If you still are experiencing problems logging in, please contact us for assistance.

  • It is recommended to use a Chrome web browser. VidSnippets Web platform is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, however some functions may not work the same. For example, unlike Chrome, IE will not allow you to delete a segment during the original creation of the VidSnippet package .
  • The initial version is designed for Windows-based desktop PCs and laptops. iOS-based products and Mobile devices are not supported.
  • Each of the pages on VidSnippets Web have a “help” button. We recommend you click on the help button and read the related document to familiarize yourself with the items and functionality on each page.
  • Note that all source videos must be in MP4 format.
  • We recommend that initially you do not use videos containing confidential or sensitive material.
  • When editing a VidSnippet package, the settings for linking (or not linking) segments to the source video, as well as the thumbnail image should be reviewed and re-input if necessary.
  • When editing a VidSnippet package, you cannot change the type from “Highlight” to “Preview” (or vice versa). To change the VidSnippet type simply create a new VidSnippet package with a different name.
  • If requested we can assist you in setting up your initial Presentation Objects – iframes that are embedded on the webpages of your target presentation locations in your website. After selecting and saving the specific VidSnippet package(s) to display on the webpage (using the Presentation – Edit page on the VidSnippets platform), you can display them on the related presentation webpage by opening it or hitting the webpage’s refresh key.
  • Currently the minimum height of a Presentation Object on a webpage is sufficient for displaying a single row of three VidSnippet packages on a webpage. Additional Presentation Objects can be placed on a webpage if desired. The specific VidSnippet packages displayed can be easily changed using the Presentation – Edit page.

If you have any questions or problems email us at