We offer a cost-efficient solution to the challenges posed by:

  • The massive volume of video content that is being generated,
  • Shorter viewer attention spans
  • Videos’ lack of searchability (makes finding interesting and relevant content difficult)
  • Time constraints (for both creators and consumers)
  • The complexity and limitations of most video editing tools
  • The lack of control often experienced when hosting video on commercial third party sites.

Our video technology provides a very powerful, cost-effective means for increasing the usefulness and effectiveness of your organization’s existing video assets.

Our tools and processes are intuitive, easy to learn and simple to use. This eliminates the need for extensive video production/post-production/video editing experience and knowledge – allowing more staff to participate in content selection, presentation and management.

Since the VSclips are created from segments in existing videos no additional content production is required. If the video segments have audio, this is also incorporated into the VSclip – eliminating the need for any additional voiceovers.

There are processes and mechanisms to control who can create, approve, publish and access content based on a variety of login, permission and profile selections. In addition, after creation, all custom VSpackages are uploaded into special review components, where they are held pending approval by authorized staff. Only approved VSpackages are available for publishing to the webpages.

VidSnippets provides both creators and consumers with greater choice and control over how video is experienced. For example,

Creators can:

  • Select the segments they feel will be most relevant for their intended audience.
  • Create multiple VSclips from a single source video for different audiences or to perform A/B testing of the clips’ ability to grab viewer attention and engagement.
  • Choose where the VSpackages will be presented on public or private webpages.
  • Decide whether viewers will be able to search their library of VSpackages and what VSpackages can be searched through the webpage.
  • Select whether viewers will be sent to the beginning of the source video or to the start of the particular segment they were watching when they clicked on the VSclip. For example, if segment #5 is 0:37:15 into a 60-minute video, the viewer can be sent to that point from the VSclip.

Viewers can:

  • Use the linked VSclips to quickly get an understanding of what they’ll see in the source video.
  • Reduce frustration and wasted time watching content that isn’t interesting or relevant.
  • Trigger the video previews simply by moving from one VSthumbnail to the next and hovering over them for a few seconds.
  • Immediately stop VSclip playback by moving their cursor off the VSthumbnail or pausing/closing the source video. (The videos don’t automatically play – instead they respond to the viewer’s actions, allowing more interaction opportunities.)

Having the VSpackages embedded on their webpages enables organizations to control who can access content based on logins and user permission profiles. It also provides more control over what content is presented and if/when advertising/marketing material will also be presented.