Presentation Object:

A Presentation Object contains our proprietary code for selecting and publishing VSpackages on webpages.

The code for the Presentation Object usually only needs to be copied and pasted into the appropriate location for that webpage once. (In some instances, with HTML-based websites, the height and width variables may need to be updated if the user wants to place additional rows of VSpackages in the Presentation Object that exceed the number of rows originally configured.)

Once set up the Object provides a “window” for presenting whichever VSpackages are selected for that Object by an approved user through the VidSnippet Web Presentation component.


A VSpackage contains a combination of the related VSthumbnail, VSclip, and source video.


A VSthumbnail is the thumbnail image selected by the user to be presented in relation to the particular VSpackage created. If a VSpackage is selected for inclusion, the related VSthumbnail will display on that webpage.

When a visitor hovers their mouse cursor over the VSthumbnail, they trigger VSclip playback.


A VSclip contains one or more segments selected using our Creation Wizard.


A segment is the portion of a source video (between the “start” and “end” points) that has been selected by a user.

 Highlight Vidsnippet:

This VidSnippet type is used to manually select the segments of a source video to form a VSclip.

This type is used to create custom “mini-trailers” or summaries containing content that the creator feels will be most interesting/relevant to the target audience to grab their attention.

 Preview Vidsnippet:

This VidSnippet type is used to automatically select and generate segments, based on the time criteria input by the creator (length of segment and frequency of selection – i.e. 3 second long segments, generated every 30 seconds).

The Preview type is used to provide a “visual index” of the content within the source video.


A role within the VidSnippets Web platform that provides complete access and control of the organization’s account.

By default Administrator permissions for the Creator and Reviewer roles are set to “Active”.


A role within the VidSnippets Web platform to indicate whether a user has permission to access the Creation Wizard. Creators can create and edit VSpackages.


A role within the VidSnippets Web platform to indicate whether a user has permission to access the Review Component of the platform. Reviewers can approve, unapprove or delete VSpackages. They can also select the VSpackages that will be displayed on webpages through the embedded Presentation Objects.


A token is a special access key unique to each organization. It links and enables access to their list of Presentation Objects for customers using WordPress-based websites.

The token number is located near the bottom in a User profile.

The token number must be copied, pasted and activated on the WordPress platform as part of the initial VidSnippets WordPress plugin setup process.