Custom Linked VidSnippet Clips

Our proprietary tools enable the creation of two types of linked VSclips:

  • A “Highlight” VSclip: Users can manually select one or more segments from the source video that are then combined automatically into a single clip to provide a “mini-trailer” or “executive summary”.
  • A “Preview” VSclip: Automatically generates a preview montage based on user criteria.

Multiple custom summary clips can be created from a single source video.

Dynamic “View-Thru” Presentation

Viewers can trigger VSclip playback by hovering over the related VSthumbnail. Playback can be stopped by moving the cursor off the VSclip.

The source video can be accessed simply by clicking on the related VSclip.

This enables viewers to watch the summary clips and quickly access the related source videos to see more content.

Embeddable VSpackages

VSclips can be published to a webpage through special embeddable Presentation Objects.

Our Presentation Objects enable VSpackages to be selected and posted with a few clicks.

Unlike YouTube or Vimeo, users can update multiple VSpackages on a webpage at the same time without the need for new embed codes.

VSpackage Tagging & Searching

VSpackages can be tagged and searched by title, description and keywords – allowing staff to quickly find content in your VSlibrary ©.

It is possible to add search functionality in Presentation Objects that enables visitors to search and display any of the VSpackages you have selected to be available on that webpage Object.

Simplified Post-Capture Process

Using our wizard, staff can quickly preview, select and share video content without the need for specialized in-depth technical training or expertise.

The segments selected for the custom VSclips retain their audio tracks from the source video – eliminating the need for additional voice-overs.

Visitors Remain on your Website

The VSclips and source videos play on your website, so viewers aren’t sent to a third party website.

Organizations retain greater control over the visitor’s exposure to external content while on their website.