‘VidSnippets Web’© is a very powerful platform that allows users to create and publish custom highlights that are linked to the source video.

Our simple, yet effective tools make it a breeze to publish and update video content on any webpage.

The platform and processes were designed to allow subject matter experts, publishers or non-technical staff (who might have little or no experience working with videos and publishing content on webpages) to get up and running quickly.

‘VidSnippets Web’ enables a user to create, approve and publish a VSpackage in 5 steps:

5 step publishing process
1 – A VSpackage© contains the linked VSthumbnail©, VSclip© and source video
2 – A Presentation Object is a special container that can be placed on any webpage to display the VSpackage(s)

Still can’t believe it can be so simple. Check out the VSpackages below:

*Hover over any VSthumbnail to trigger VSclip playback.
*Click on VSclip to access the source video.