VidSnippets platform is extremely powerful and flexible, enabling it to support a variety of applications, such as:

Content Provision

Organizations with a lot of videos can create mini-trailer clips to quickly grab viewer attention and interest.

Having the ability to preview content will encourage visitors and potential customers to spend more time on the organization’s website looking at videos.

Having the ability to preview content encourages more click-throughs and more complete viewing of the source video (since the viewer already is interested and engaged).

Viewer activity can be tracked and reported, providing your communication/marketing staff with better insight on the impact/efficacy of the content.

News and Event Reporting

Communication staff and project managers could use our tool to create & post summary clips (mini-trailers) that link to the full video report.

Highlight clips of archived material that can be posted under topic/categories so visitors could search and preview past video reports related to a current news item, person, topic, etc.

Training and Technical Support

Trainers can select the segments containing the most important/key teaching points from the longer source video to provide a course summary, as well as a refresher that can be viewed after the course.

Instructors can create custom clips to provide trainees with individualized feedback from any filmed group training sessions.

For technical support videos, the VSclips can be used as chapter overviews/summaries.

We can also implement viewer activity tracking to record which VSthumbnails they were exposed to, what they watched, when they abandoned/clicked on the VSclip, and whether they watched the entire source video or not.

Engineering and Inspection Reporting

Many inspection videos contain hours of relatively unimportant content, with a few very important parts. To save the viewers time, custom VSclips can be created with just the most important/relevant segments.

Viewers can quickly watch these summary VSclips and access the full video to see more content if desired. Depending on the setting, the viewers can jump right to the start of that segment in the source video.

Videos of prior inspections can also be tagged and searched for comparison or planning purposes.

Staff at remote locations and offices in different countries can access the content via internet connections. This facilitates more timely and effective collaboration/consultation between field staff and subject matter experts.